To change the connection string of a typed dataset in vb.net 2005 and also Building a dynamic connection strings in Vb.net. Below are easy ways these can be done.

1. To change the connection string of a typed dataset, add the method below to the setting file. To see the setting.vb file, go the your project properties, on the settings tab, click on the the view code button and there you go.

Private Sub MySettings_SettingsLoaded(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Configuration.SettingsLoadedEventArgs) Handles Me.SettingsLoaded

Dim db As New DBConnect

Me.Item("HospitalConnectionString")  =db.returnConnectionString

End Sub

Note: HospitalConnectionString is the name of the connections string as saved in your project settings

Below is the detail of the “returnConnectionString” procedure

Also note that servername, username, database, password are all saved in the settings

Public function returnConnectionString ()as string


client = getClientName()

With My.Settings

If .servername = client Then

If Me.integratedSecurity = False Then

connectionString = "Data source= " & .servername & "; initial catalog= " & .database & ";user id= " & .username & " ;password = " & .password


connectionString = "Data source= " & servername & "; initial catalog= " & database & "; Integrated Security= " & integratedSecurity

End If


connectionString = "workstation id= " & client & " ;Data source= " & servername & " ;initial catalog= " & database & " ;user id= " & username & " ;password = " & password & " ;Integrated Security=" & integratedSecurity & " ; Connect TimeOut=30"

End If

End With

Catch ex As Exception


End Try

Return connectonString

End function


A function to return the name of the current machine(the machine the program is running on)

Public Function getClientName() As String

Dim client As String = ""

client = Dns.GetHostName

Return client

End Function

Saving items in the Settings

Below is code under the save setting buttons

With My.Settings

.Server = Me.txtServer.Text

.Dbase = Me.txtDbase.Text

.UserName = Me.txtUserName.Text

.Password = Me.txtPassWord.Text

.integrated = Me.ChkSecurity.Checked


End With

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Reading Serial Number of Drives in VB.net

To index files on removable drives one variable you need, to uniquely identify every drive is the drive’s serial number. Below is a simple method in VB.net to read the serial number of a drive
To start with
1.    Add System.Management as a reference to the project
2.    Also Imports System.Management to the class that will read the serial number
3.    Below is a function to return the drive’s serial Number

Function readDriveSerial (Byval drive as String) as String
‘u have to test if the drive is ready
Dim dsk1 As New ManagementObject("Win32_LogicalDisk.DeviceId=’"     + drive + "’")
Dim serial as String = CType(dsk1("VolumeSerialNumber"), String)
Return serial
End Function